Monday, November 23, 2009

My FTC Mandated Excessive Disclosure

So, I figure I should put this out here. That way nobody can say I'm partying with some company's reps in Las Vegas during lulls.

First and foremost, this blog represents my opinions. People are free to agree with them, but they're still my opinions. Not any employer's, or any other person or thing. Mine. Nothing I say here represents the opinions of any other person or company, and I never speak for anyone else.
I also may post or publish in other places and other blogs, one way or another. That doesn't change the fact that my words are my own, my opinions are my own, and they don't represent anyone other than me as a person. If that ever changes, I'll be sure and mention it clearly.

I never have and never will accept payment in cash, hardware, or anything else in return for favorable opinions or statements. While I may do consulting, my opinions are not for sale. Sorry.

If you've got something neat or cool you want me to look over, then let me know! I may or may not talk about it here. And if I forgot something you know about in my writing, well, hey. I'm an IT guy, but I don't know every product or technology on the market. Sorry for the omission, but I can't write about products I don't know, and I won't write at length about products I'm not comfortable working with.
If you really, really want me to write on something, then my time is for sale. (Hey, I do consulting. Got to pay the bills somehow.) However, just because you're paying me for my time doesn't mean you get to pick what I say. You get to pick the topic and the deadline, and even where it gets published; you just don't get to pick the outcome.

I have or have had access to information which is covered under NDA from several companies, as part of my prior employment. This information is frequently incorporated in my thought process and writing, without being disclosed. Because of the nature of the NDAs, I cannot disclose who they are with or what they cover. Some of these agreements did or do incorporate cross-marketing or case study agreements, but they never came to me for quotes (because I would say something sucked if it sucked, and they don't like that for some reason.)

I'm typically pretty blunt in my writing here. Please don't confuse this for who I am, or how I usually write. This is my blog. That means when I have a bad day courtesy some vendor making a stupid design decision, it just may end up here. (Actually, it probably will end up here.) By the same token, if something makes my day, I'll probably write about it here. I'm going to point again to the first statement - these are my opinions. Insert obligatory 'opinions are like' here.

I lurk around in various places, and generally I don't advertise that I'm watching or listening. I may also post or comment under aliases. All this means is that one, I value my privacy, and two, I prefer not to be harassed for having an opinion of my own. (Yes, I have had people harass me at length. I have better things to do than put up with it.) People who know, know. Those who don't, don't expect me to change that any time in this lifetime.

Hm, yep. That covers everything.

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